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Jack's Backyard

Do-it-Yourself Inclined Rock

Climbing Wall Plans


Use my do-it-yourself plans to make this cool

Inclined Rock Climbing Wall


Designed in my backyard, this inclined rock climbing wall will be the pathway for your kids to climb Mount Everest or climb out of the deepest craters on a distant planet. In addition to reaching new heights, this fort add-on feature will help your child develop confidence, coordination, and physical agility.  Plans are available for a 4, 5, or 7 foot deck height. While the dimensions may not fit your particular fort, with minor modifications, they will give you the information you need to build a great add-on to your existing play structure. All recommended hardware is heavy duty 3/8" hex bolt for added durability, strength, and peace of mind.


Most materials can be found at most home improvement stores. Composite sand rock climbing holds and hand grips are available at Backyardfunandleisure.com. Plans are included with your purchase of rock holds from Backyardfunandleisure.com. Any type of wood can be used. Check with your local lumber professional for types appropriate to your climate. Lumber cost will vary depending on the wood you choose. Material cost should be $100-150. Approximate build time 4-6 hours.


My Do-it-Yourself Inclined Rock Climbing Wall Plans

Do Not Include Lumber, Rock Holds, or Hardware.


There are several options on the internet for do-it-yourself plans. As a consumer be aware of what you buy. Most are from well known companies that teach you how to make safe playset add-ons. These professional companies utilize information taken from the Consumer Product Safety Commission Playground Safety Handbook. While it's geared mainly to commercial equipment, it does have  recommended guidelines for a safe playground for residential use.


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Home made systems, although designed with the best intentions, are made with entrapment areas, exposed bolts, inferior hardware, or are just plain under engineered. All of my designs voluntarily meet or exceed all safety standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials and the CPSC.


Playground Equipment Features and Benefits

My play systems are not only great looking and loads of fun, they're just the ticket for the novice carpenter! I've refined my specs for maximum wood usage, you'll find there is very little waste. I've included safety information, wood list, hardware list, detailed drawings, color pictures, and text information.



They carry a full line of playset parts, canopy tops, swing set accessories, playground equipment for parks, churches, and schools. In addition, they offer a variety of quality wood playsets made by popular manufacturers. Buy a new swingset, have it delivered, install it and enjoy.

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Backyardfunandleisure.com offers  an assortment of porch swings, greenhouses, sports grills, boats, kayaks, outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting, and more.



All Natural Wood Designs For Our World.


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