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Welcome to Jack's Backyard

Natural Wood Designs For Our World


What the heck is Jack's Backyard? Good question. This website is a collection of 17 years of work meant to showcase my talents, show what can be done with reclaimed wood products, and to offer people the benefit of my vision. Every wood product you see on this site was handmade. Most items you see on this site, other than the redwood forts are made from reclaimed natural wood. That chemically treated stuff has no place in my heart. All products are made one at a time and are distinctive from one piece to another. Some are designed to customer specs, most are designed to my specs with the customer in mind.


Custom Reclaimed Wood Products


Reclaimed Redwood Porch Swings and Outdoor Furniture


Let's start with the basics.. I am not a big company and do not stock products or materials. I do not have employees, catalogs, or products on display.... this is it. People are impressed when they discover they're actually talking to Jack! I have to laugh.. who else is there? If you're thinking, I'll just stop by and take a look, you might see the big rock on my driveway and nothing else. Don't say I didn't warn you. If you waited until the last minute and have to have something in the next few days, this is the wrong place. The exception is the do-it-yourself plans. They are available via instant download anytime at BackyardFunandLeisure.com.


Do-It-Yourself Wood Fort/ Swing Set Plans


Not the do-it-yourself type? Want a redwood fort/ swingset? I do not sell play equipment, however I do offer consultations on what will be the best for your children, your yard, and your wallet. After 17 years and 100's of happy families, I can offer a wealth of expertise to build a beautiful, functional, and resalable piece of backyard fun. When my consultation is complete, I provide you with a wood list, parts list, and the necessary contacts to acquire these items. At this point I can also prep and assemble your play system for a fee. Build time takes about 2-3 weeks. By making you do some of the leg work I am giving you a chance to save some money by removing my markup. If you are looking at a redwood system be prepared to spend a minimum of $2000-2400.


Base Model Redwood Playsets


Just win the lottery? Do you like to color outside of the lines? I love to be challenged. Half the fun is starting with a blank slate and a wish list. Some are simple and some, like the one to the right and the one below are beyond simple. My clients usually get a crude drawing of a plan and 2-3 months later they have something specific to their family needs and quality and craftsmanship not typically seen in play equipment. See this timber frame playhouse and some other cool projects.


Custom Outdoor Projects



Custom Treehouses are my latest passion.. These are by far my favorite projects. It's a vast leap from building custom playsets that are perfect, plumb, and square to putting a structure in a tree. The tree is imperfect and resists efforts to make it do anything other than be a tree. You can't overbuild or the tree will resist. The trick is to work with the tree and its natural curves and to make the tree house move and flow with the tree. A good custom treehouse does not come in a kit and a simple plan can be derailed in the first 10 minutes because the tree says no. I have custom tree houses in Austin and Houston


Custom Treehouse Designs



Want something different? Ikea style not your style? Over the next few years I'll add things that can be made from others peoples' trash, wood I found on the side of the road, wood from other manufacturers warranty parts, wood from my scrap pile. (By the way, anyone wishing to donate storage space, please speak up.) If you have an old barn or an old wood pile and want to make shelves or a new cabinet, I think you might be surprised. In the meantime take a look around, be patient while this site undergoes these changes, and please don't throw wood away!

Custom builds available in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.

Natural Wood Designs For Our World

Offering Treehouses, Custom Playset Fort Design, DIY Fort/ Swingset Plans, and Swing Set Information. Also Offering Wood Porch Swings, Recycling Tips and Ideas For Utilizing Wood Waste.

DIY Wood Forts/ Swing Set Plans, Wood Swing Set Plans, Plans for Swingsets , Do-it-yourself Swingset Plans, Reclaimed Wood Ideas, Wooden Patio Swings, Wood Mailboxes, and more.


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